This workshop is for mothers who are looking to have a day to focus on themselves in a supportive peer environment. 

Join us experience the power of horses, nature and yoga ...

Full Day Workshop

Sunday February 23, 2020

Registration Closes February 3, 2020

Motherhood & Resiliency

Empowered by Horses Workshop  

The Equine Friends Program is a unique opportunity for a small group of children ages 9 to 13who are on the autism spectrum to develop skills to cope, relate, function, and grow. 

TEEN- Workshop Series 

Friday August 2, 9, 16, 23, 2019

Registration Closes July 19
Friday September 20, 27, October 4, 11, 2019


Registration Closes September 1st

Equine Friends Program

 Emotional and Social Wellness Skills for Children on the Autism Spectrum

Four - Week equine experiential psychotherapy group

for teens age 13-19

TEEN- Workshop Series 

Saturday August 10, 17, 24, 31 -2019

Registration Closes July 15th

Teens Living with Obesity
Guided by Horses

Courage, Strength, Pride, Worth, Work, Strengthening boundaries are some topics covered in this 4-week series empowered by horses will teach you...

Thursday Night Workshop Series

March 2019

Self Empowerment
Registration Closed 
 Empowered by Horses Workshop Series 

This one-day workshop will introduce you to Tranquil Acres, working with horses as a therapeutic approach, how it is beneficial in the client’s process, and assist in personal development as a professional or support worker in the mental health field. 

Wednesday, November 20, 2019

Registration Closing November 1st  

Professional Development


Empowered by Horses Workshop Series 

Communication with self and others ...

Thursday Night Workshop Series
June 2019

Registration closed 

Empowered by Horses Workshop Series 

Tranquility Labyrinth

Experience the Tranquility Labyrinth, Reflect, Release, Receive and Return...

Wednesday Night Workshop Series

May 2019
Registration Full

Grief, Loss, & Life Transitions

Empowered by Horses Workshop Series

Horses can help find solutions in helping process the intense emotions associated life transitions.


Join us experience the power of horses ...

 Wellness Staycations 

Make your "Staycation feel like a vacation" Time away at Tranquil Acres Guest House discovering your hidden talents with horses ... 

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