This new way of approaching horses has been mind blowing and an amazing discovery for me. I owe you a BIG thank you too, for allowing the sessions to be about me. A lot of counselors and therapists like to take the lead in the sessions and feel the need to constantly reassure patients or, to make sure "they are getting the concept", which is not empowering at all (and easy to do in this kind of sessions). You have empowered me to heal myself and I will always be grateful for it!

- Olga -

My first experience with FEEL: Wilma gave me a short session at Tranquil Acres Inc. Two playful kittens gave us a warm welcome. After a clear explanation and two body scans we went into the meadow. There were two horses. I was cheerful and I called the friendly caramel horse I named Sunshine. She came nearby, but I did not want her too close. Wilma showed me how to let her know my limit. Yeah, it worked! While I stroked her, I could feel her peaceful energy. A few tears of relief fell down my cheeks. Sunshine let me know that everything was all right. Later on Wilma showed me how to feel the different layers of Sunshine energy field. That was very interesting. I could really feel them. I am looking forward to the next time.

- Truda -

Peaceful, nurturing, relaxing

These are words that pop out when I describe the horse and people home that Ryan built; and I often describe the lovely experience of boarding there. Tranquil Acres is perfectly named. Ryan did an amazing job at making me feel welcome and caring for my horses. I needed short term board as I was having surgery and unable to care for them at home. He was kind enough to take them through the worst of the winter, diet them as instructed and exercise as requested. Whenever I went over to the easy-access facility, Ryan was accommodating and supportive and the horses were shiny and relaxed. I couldnt have asked for anything better. 

- Dee-Ann -

After being terrified of horses, meeting Shola at Tranquil Acres made me gain trust again.

- Linda -

The best therapy i've had in my life. Great environment, great facilities, and great people. Very friendly and always ready to help. The horses are a great way of keeping calm and working on your mental state. Everything about this place was just amazing.

- Chris -

It had never occurred to me that the connection between a human and a horse would be so strong. After spending time with the horses at Tranquil Acres I am absolutely shocked and amazed by how we can share emotions and our stories with mammals of such power. My week has been A beautiful and breathtaking experience that I will never forget! 

- Sondra -