Meet the Staff 


Ryan Theriault

Ryan the founder and proprietor of Tranquil Acres has always been passionate about horses and started to ride as a young teenager. Even at this young age he developed a strong vision that he wanted to achieve; having an equestrian centre were he could help others. After 25 years of dreaming; this dream it has come true. 

His credentials include National Coaching Certification level 1 and 2 in theory and particle, Western Rider level 1, Situational Leadership training along with 11 years of managing and coaching others in day to day life situations. Ryan has also been taking part of EAGALA (Equine Assisted Growth and Learning Association as a  Certified Equine Specialist since 2011 in this modality and completed his advanced certification in 2016.

His vision with this program is to help others reach their goals, overcome fear, help people cope with stress and uncomfortable situations.



Kyle Bellehumeur, MACP, RP(Q)

Kyle is a Registered Psychotherapist and licensed with the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario. Kyle received his Masters degree Counselling Psychology (MACP) from Yorkville University and his Bachelor of Science (General) with a focus of chemistry and biochemistry. 


Kyle has 6 years of experience as an equine specialist practicing the EAGALA model and has been recently dually certified as a mental health professional to include his mental health degree. He is currently building his private practice where he addresses a multitude of mental health struggles (i.e., anxiety, depression, post-traumatic stress, etc.). Kyle truly believes in working with his clients to help facilitate and drive change using the client’s solutions and self-awareness while incorporating and identifying their strengths. He has had first-hand experience of the natural helping power of horses and is excited to work with clients in an alternative environment to in-office therapy. 


Kyle has been on the Tranquil Acres team for over 6 years and is also the co-owner of Tranquil Acres Guest House. 


To connect with Kyle about the EAGALA model equine assisted psychotherapy or if you have any questions:



Elizabeth Eacrett, OT Reg. (Ont.)

Elizabeth is an occupational therapist (OT) registered and licensed with the College of Occupational Therapists of Ontario. Elizabeth received her Masters degree in Occupational Science and Occupational Therapy from the University of Toronto and her Bachelor of Arts degree (Honours) in English, Rhetoric and Professional Writing from the University of Waterloo.


Elizabeth has 8 years experience as an occupational therapist and currently works in private practice with older adolescents and adults with mental health issues, i.e., depression, bipolar disorder, anxiety, and post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD). Elizabeth provides individual and group-based therapy to support her clients in participating more fully in the life activities (“occupations”) that they need and want to do. The occupational therapy approach considers a person’s strengths, interests, and priorities and uses methods that emphasize participating in meaningful activity. Elizabeth recognizes that interacting with horses can offer opportunities for creating meaning in clients’ lives.

Elizabeth is a trained and certified Mental Health Professional in the EAGALA model of equine-assisted psychotherapy and personal development. Elizabeth sees the profound benefits of using horses in therapy; horses can allow clients to develop self-awareness in a non-judgmental way. Horses can calm, ground, and help to progress clients' wellness journeys.


To connect with Elizabeth about her experience or about equine-assisted psychotherapy, please contact her at:

Office: 613-489-5294

Sonia Baruzzo, MSW, RSW

Sonia is a registered Social Worker through the Ontario College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers. She graduated from York University studying Sociology (BA) and Social Work (BSW). She completed her Masters of Social Work (MSW) at The University of Toronto, specializing in children and families. She has over 10 years experience working in health care and child protection.

Sonia has a passion for horses and helping people. She enjoys riding and has experienced first hand how horses are powerful healers.

Sonia enjoys helping children, youth and adults work through depression, anxiety grief/loss, stress, infertility, self-esteem, family conflict and so on. She uses several modalities such as Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Solution Focused Therapy.

Sonia is a caring and empathetic therapist who uses strength-based approaches and is non-judgemental. She believes in the importance of clients needing to feel listened to and validated; which is important in the therapeutic relationship.

She is excited to work at Tranquil Acres and helping individuals and families build on their strengths and make positive changes in their life.

Office: 613-489-5294

Emma Huggett, B.A.

Emma recently graduated from Carleton University with a Bachelor of Arts Honours degree in psychology.  Her honours project focused on the social effects of animal-assisted therapy on children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD), including equine-assisted therapy.  For the past 13 years, Emma has worked extensively with children and youths with ASD and other related developmental disabilities in a variety of settings, including camps, day programs, and private homes.  These experiences have brought Emma immeasurable fulfillment, and have inspired her dream of a career in the mental health field. 


Emma is currently pursuing a Master of Arts in Counselling Psychology program.  She has completed the Equine Assisted Learning and Growth (EAGALA) certification program, and is on track to becoming a certified Mental Health Professional.  She is striving to become a registered counsellor, and is planning a career with a focus on helping children and youths through equine-assisted therapy and learning.  Emma has held a passion for working with horses and people in need from a young age, and is delighted to be a part of the Tranquil Acres team.  She is excited to continue learning from both the human and equine staff so that she can be the catalyst for positive change and use her education and experience to enhance the lives of others.

Office: 613-489-5294

Rosa Inglesi, (H)BSc, BEd, MSW RSW

Rosa has a (H) B.Sc in Biology and Psychology and Bachelor of Education from the University of Windsor. She also earned a Master of Social Work from Wilfrid Laurier University.

In her work with individuals and groups, Rosa employs person centered strategies with individuals across the lifespan living with various concerns including Autism, Brain Injury, Cancer, Heart Disease, Mental Illness and Eating Disorders through Solution Focused, Mindfullness, Cognitive Behavioural and Narrative Strategies.

Rosa is very passionate about the role of animals in helping people manage their concerns to improve their overall wellbeing and quality of life. Rosa is particularly interested in the benefit of this modality in helping Military and First Responders mitigate and heal from PTSD.

Rosa is very excited to be part of Tranquil Acres where individuals are empowered by horses to process their life experiences and improve their interpersonal functioning.


If you would like to speak to Rosa, please contact her at

Office: 613-489-5294

Dr. Gina Madrigrano, C. Psych.

Gina is a registered clinical and forensic psychologist in Ontario and in Quebec. She has 21 years of experience providing  individual and group psychotherapy, counselling and consultation to children, adolescents, and adults. Her services also include consultations to lawyers, health-care providers, and organizations.


Her areas of practice include anxiety disorders (including PTSD); relationship functioning; parenting practices; adjustment issues; stress management; personal growth & wellness; business coaching; mindfulness/meditation practices; and spirituality.

Gina’s approach to treatment is eclectic and adapted to the specific needs of each client. She provides a nurturing, accepting, client-centered atmosphere, helping clients to feel empowered and in control of their lives. Her theoretical orientation integrates cognitive-behavioural (CBT) and Action and Commitment Therapy (ACT), neurobiopsychosocial and positive psychology, emotion-focused, experiential and systems theory. In addition, she incorporates findings from the areas of medicine, nutrition, alternative treatments, epigenetics, and neuroplasticity.

Gina has facilitated workshops to train professionals in various settings. She has developed treatment programs in major institutions as well as in small community agencies, and lectured in universities and colleges in Quebec and Ontario. Finally, she has presented research and offered workshops at conferences in America and overseas. She has been a principal investigator and a co-applicant on successful grant applications, and main or co-author on over 30 publications.

Gina has seen the countless benefits of using horses with her clients who would not respond to traditional talk therapy modalities. Often times, clients progressed faster than in an office setting. The non-judgmental and grounding environment is very calming and safe for the clients. A bond develops between the clients and the horses, and results can be seen very quickly.

Office: 613-489-5294

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