Release & Renew Workshop
Empowered by Horses Workshop

"A great opportunity by making a difference in your life one hoof beat at a time!"


            Has something been attached to you or has something stuck with you that is no longer serving a positive purpose in life? The sensitive nature of humans allows us to protect ourselves in situations and we have the conscious decision to make in the moment to allow something into our space or to not. Sometimes situations, emotions, or perceptions are allowed in yet are unable to escape. This can lead to an experience of being unable to move forward in life or in environments leading to frustration. 


            In this workshop hosted at Tranquil Acres, we will be joining our equine partners in order to assist you in releasing that which you have held on to leading to being stuck. If we are able to move towards releasing that which is no longer serving purpose in our lives, we can then accept and gain a renewed perspective on our path. Join us for an evening of emotional release to create space for positivity and opportunities to take place. 

This workshop will be facilitated with The TA Method. All activities with the horses are done on the ground - NO RIDING - no previous horse experience required. 

Workshops will be facilitated at our farm facility at 7405 Third Line Rd. S. Kars, ON, K0A 2E0

Please dress according to the weather. Workshops will be facilitated in our indoor arena with the horses.


Workshop Date: 

Friday April 24, 2020

Time: 4 - 7pm 

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