Tranquil Acres Counselling

In-Office Counselling and Psychotherapy Services

Coming from a place of understanding regarding the uniqueness of each individual, Kyle provides a safe place to explore life struggles in a collaborative manner. Using true curiosity, Kyle works with his client’s to assist in uncovering the best solution for the client in order to drive and maintain positive change in life. Although change is never easy, Kyle will be moving through your journey with you to bring you to a place where you want to be, not where you are told you should be.  


With the incorporation of many techniques from the therapeutic realm, Kyle’s ways of drawing attention to detail, listening, empathic skills allow him to serve the client by bringing focus to areas which may have been covered in the past.  Sometimes struggles can seem “un-fixable” or goals to be “un-attainable”. Kyle always comes from a place of hope and believes working on the self with zero judgement and a focus on solutions, clients are able to achieve any goal for which they seek and are will to put forth the effort. Counselling or therapy can many times be difficult as we uncover life’s struggles and bring awareness to them. Understanding that by acknowledging them, this is the most courageous piece of the puzzle.  


If you are ready to schedule a session with Kyle or have questions, please contact him at 

by phone at 613-489-5294


Individual – Kyle works with the individual to dig emotionally deep into themselves in order to uncover the best and most effective solutions to managing daily struggles. This services if primarily for individual’s aged 16+ 


Couples – Some of the most difficult struggles we face in life can be with those we love the most. Providing open and honest communication, he works with both parties in the relationship to gain a stronger understanding of our partners romantically, emotionally, physically, and intimately.  


Telecounselling/E-Counselling – If you are unable to make it to the office due to mobility or time restrictions, tele- or e-counselling may be a better fit for you. Using secured methods, Kyle can provide the same level of service from the comfort of your own home.  


All sessions, regardless of type of service, will follow the same format of being billed for a total of 60 minutes. These 60 minutes will include 50 minutes for the session itself and the remaining 10 minutes for documentation and file management.  Psychological services provided by Kyle may be covered by your extended health benefits, however please consult with your individual provider for further details on coverage.