Equine Assisted Professional Development

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About Us:

Tranquil Acres is a centre for people with varying social, emotional physical and mental health needs who want to experience the transformative powers of horses as teachers and healers. Our dedicated staff have a wide range of expertise and are committed to helping each of our clients reach their fullest potential. We are open year round and located just outside of the Ottawa city centre.


Core Services:

We offer Equine Assisted Learning (EAL) sessions and workshops aimed at promoting personal and professional growth and development as well as Equine Assisted Psychotherapy (EAP) sessions. All services are available to adults, adolescents 16 years or older  & families as individuals or groups.


Our method:
At Tranquil Acres, we combine two powerful ways of helping people; experiential learning and horses.

According to the Association of Experiential Education (1995), experiential learning can best be described as learning through doing. Experiences like this have “the ability to inform us not only cognitively but also physically, emotionally, and spiritually. It engages the whole person. This is its transformative capability”. (Deb Piranian www.aee.org)


By partnering with horses, is another powerful element added to the experience. Horses are animals of prey and as such are hyper vigilant toward their environment. This hyper vigilance translates into their ability to sense and tune into non-verbal communication. They are able to sense the emotions that are hidden in non-verbal communication and the energy these emotions carry. Even though horses have been domesticated for centuries, this characteristic remains in their DNA. Horses therefore reflect back to people what is happening to them in terms of their internal emotional and psychological processes. As a result, horses can help identify and explore feelings that were previously unknown or unacknowledged.


The fact that horses are big and powerful creates a natural opportunity for you to overcome fear and develop self-confidence.

Horses have unique personalities, moods, and attitudes, which are perfectly suitable to metaphorical learning. This suggests that you can take your experience with the horse and apply this to a variety of different situations in your life.


All of the activities with the horses are done on ground and no previous horse experience is required.



What is EAP:

Issues such as (but not limited to) depression, grief, trauma, PTSD, anger, anxiety, abuse, neglect, ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorder, addiction and eating disorders all impact how people experience themselves and their environment. In this experiential modality, you will work with horses as they guide you in exploring thoughts, feelings and behaviours connected to the issues that you sought therapy for. This journey into understanding, validating and releasing thoughts, feelings and behaviours connected to the issue willsupport you to develop or regain a more positive and more helpful way of thinking and feeling which can translate into a more balanced life.


EAP sessions can be enjoyed as an alternative or addition to traditional in office therapy. As EAP continues to gain credibility and recognition for its therapeutic and rejuvenating benefits, insurance companies are beginning to explore different options for payment assistance.


Available services: 
Tranquil Acres offers a variety of services and custom builds any package to meet your individual, family or business needs.