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Mental illness, low self esteem and physical limitations are crippling conditions affecting over 20 percent of children and adults in the National Capital Region. Your monetary donation to Tranquil Acres, or donated items for our upcoming silent auctions, will allow you to make a healing difference in the lives of people who are suffering, so please donate today!

Your donation will be applied toward helping Tranquil Acres achieve our mission of making available customized equine assisted therapy for all people of all ages. You will help the 4 year old autistic child that no other treatment has helped, the 9 year old girl being bullied, the 15 year old considering suicide. You will help the 40 year old battling addiction, the 72 year old with stroke related paralysis.


Your donation will enable Financial Assistance for clients who need it. Truth is, not everyone can afford the costs associated with therapy. Your donation will help Tranquil Acres ensure our equine assisted personalized therapy is available to all people regardless of their financial circumstances. People such as one client who described their experience at Tranquil Acres as “The best therapy I've had in my life. Great environment, great facilities, and great people...’


Your donation will help with the day to day cost of our horses and facility – Running a horse based therapy centre is expensive and your much needed donation will help offset our costs. Just like you, we have to buy food, fix windows when they break and call a plumber from time to time!


Thank you for your donation. Without it Tranquil Acres will not be able to continue to serve the people who need us-people like your friends, your family, your neighbours.

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