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Donation and Support

As the pandemic continues Tranquil Acres has remained partially closed to our clients since the begening of the pandemic. 


In the past years, the Tranquil Acres herd has helped many clients with varying mental health struggles from all ages. The horses at Tranquil Acres continue to have the top notch care. They require 5 hay-meals and 2 grain meals a day, fresh water, clean beaded stalls to sleep in, clean paddocks to roam around in the day, trimmed hooves/horse shoes every 6 weeks, and any medications they require to be in the best health. This comes along with a large price tag without even looking at the cost of hydro, mortgage, property taxes, insurance, machinery to maintain everything. 


Breaking down the cost to care for each horse, this may give you an idea:

One horse eats about 1 square bale a day at $6 each bale

Horses eat about $20 of grain per day

Each horse uses about $3 of shavings (stall bedding) per day 

Along with $500 farrier cost every 6 weeks to keep their hooves in tip top shape. 


We at Tranquil Acres are truly and deeply appreciative of all the support you have all given us throughout this difficult time. It means a lot to us to know you have us all in your hearts and on your minds. Many have asked how to or offered to help financially with the care of our horse herd of 9. If you are wanting to assist us this way, we are able to accept this support via e-transfers to or at this link


Please know that anything helps.  


Ryan and Kyle continue to keep the Tranquil Acres herd in great loving health and maintaining the grounds to see all our valued clients in the very near future. From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you. 

Our supporters, please support them!

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