COVID-19 Safety Plan 

Last updated 12/26/20
As part of Tranquil Acres COVID-19 safety protocol for your safety and our safety is as follows: 


  • Everyone entering the stables MUST wash their hands with hand sanitizer upon entering the stable. No exceptions. This includes all parent or guardian accompanying the client.


  • We ask clients to wait outdoors in the parking area and we will go and get you at the time of your scheduled time. Please do not enter the stable before then. 


  • We ask that only the client enters the stable for their scheduled session. If a parent or guardian is required we ask to keep it to a minimum (i.e., 1 parent/guardian) and we ask clients to NOT bring guests or extra family members with them at this time. We also ask if the client is able enter on their own, the parent or guardian remain outside the stable/arena areas. 


  • We ask all riding clients to have their own helmet as Tranquil Acres will not be able to provide helmets at this time. Helmets MUST be certified horseback riding helmets no older then 5 years old as per insurance requirements. Please do not forget your riding helmet as you will not be able to ride. 

    Tack Shops in Ottawa to purchase your helmets are:
    Greenhawk - Located in Nepean 
    Apple Saddlery - Located in Gloucester
    Sandy's Saddlery - Located in Manotick 


  • All clients, and anyone accompanying clients must have face covering such as a mask covering nose, mouth and chin at all times while being inside Tranquil Acres stable and arena.


  • We ask if the client, or anyone in the household is experiencing or has had cold or flu symptoms OR If you or someone in your household has traveled outside the country within the last 14-days OR if you or anyone in your household has been exposed or has had COVID-19 symptoms within the last 14-days please postpone returning.

  • Ontario Health Covid-19 Self assessment questionnaire CLICK HERE   
    * Screening Questions will be asked verbally, in-person before entering and if any questions are answered "YES" we will ask you to return home and contact Telehealth Ontario for further instructions. 


  • Social distancing is enforced and we ask all clients to respect these rules issued by our province. 


  • Please know no staff will be shaking hands or any contact in respect of physical distancing protocols 


  • NO surgical type gloves allowed, winter gloves ok to use and we highly recommend they are washed frequently. 

*** There is currently an equine herpes EHV-1 outbreak in Luskville, QC and Ontario regions that is highly contagious and spreads easily to other horses through contact (on surfaces such as clothing or boots) and this outbreak poses a serious health and mortality risk to our equine staff. We take these maters extremely serious and are monitoring this situation closely. If you are exposure at another horses or equine facilities, please inform us immediately


Sanitation Protocol by Tranquil Acres: 


  • We will be sanitizing all equipment used by clients including door knobs, handles, washrooms, brushes, halters, reins, lead ropes, etc., between all clients. 


  • Please note, we are doing all that we can to lower the risk of transmission of COVID-19. However, be aware, as presented by all levels of government, there is still risk of contracting the virus when leaving the home so we strongly encourage all those who wish to return to sessions, practice conscious hygiene, physical distancing, and increase awareness of these risks associated. If you are not comfortable resuming sessions at this time, please do not feel obligated. 

    ** Safety Plan is subject to changes at anytime **