Accept & Forgive Workshop
Empowered by Horses Workshop

"A great opportunity by making a difference in your life one hoof beat at a time!"


          Holding on to grudges for actions of others in the past can be a burden we carry everywhere. A major component of lifting this burden off of ourselves is to accept what has happened in the past in unchangeable and is not a judgement or responsibility of our own. The highest responsibility we have with the past is how we react to it. Making the decision to move towards acceptance many times is not easy. 


         Join us for a three-hour workshop where we will partner with our equine companions to assist you shed light on your journey to acceptance of what has happened. Learn and explore what acceptance looks like for you and how forgiveness can follow. Uncover your own solutions in a safe and non-judgemental space amongst horses to truly drive change and relieve yourself of the burden you may have been carrying

This workshop will be facilitated with The TA Method.  All activities with the horses are done on the ground - NO RIDING - no previous horse experience required. 

Workshops will be facilitated at our farm facility at 7405 Third Line Rd. S. Kars, ON, K0A 2E0

Please dress according to the weather. Workshops will be facilitated in our indoor arena with the horses. 

Workshop Date: 

Sunday March 29, 2020

Time: 1 - 4pm

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